Oct 6, 2010


A sinful prayer broke all ties, and I undertook the worries that came forward. And towards an uncertain future that wants to drag me without a doubt. Where would you go?

Take me to Brazil, a sweet thought of somewhere different. I want an Africa to smell dry sand and cover under shadows from a different heat. A different breath in a different place. I want it all to feel it all. Just somewhere new where my voice reaches further than this land or that other land. I want that one, the one in the distance, the one I have not yet seen. And with it comes more curiosity from this world. I want to smell the sky somewhere else...


  1. Lets do it...move to Brazil and spend 3 months there so you can improve your portuguese and then decide if you want to stay there or not. I'll help you whenever you want, you know that, right? And when you start discovering the world, please, take me with you <3

  2. En este me quedé con ganas de leer... Escribe ensayos...describe con gran detalle los más internos secretos de tu pensamiento. ∂éjate llevar más... Empuja el potencial que tienes de explorar lo que se te venga en gana y ser bueno en ello. tqm.