Nov 29, 2010

Only Abroad

A a broad Perspective
Life is Long,
Selecting electives
Karaokee Song.

Taking the Bus
and a cigarette toss.
Thinking about Everywhere,
Here and There,
I Dare.
Life is Fair.

Only at a Broad Perspective
Life is Fair.

Nov 12, 2010


Me llamas como el fuego y me encantas como los cuentos.

Te respiro como al agua con burbujas que saben a sal.

Engañas, tus cordilleras pequeñas, como dunas bajo el palmar, me las gozo.

Corres fuerte como corriente inquieta, más que yo.

No te aguanto. Me duermo bajo la tibia sombra de tu hija, la madre del coco y su agua refrescante.

Marea, marea. Hoy te picas como nunca antes, peor que los mosquitos en la area de descanso.

Estás furiosa y yo te gozo mientras turistas atónitos no entienden tu belleza.

Creen que eres simplemente otra más. Pero se equivocan, pues eres única en tu clase, eres mía.

Nov 10, 2010

What counts?

The thought of time worries me, it's uncertain yet so accurate. I know it's coming but I want it to last, but I don't. It's complicated, and so simple, yes. At the same time. Another thought, to feel that I am in harmony with the Universe. Thoughts about God and curiosity about the world and all of this around me.

I am questioning everything today. The reason for that everything so precious to, No one. Remarkable how nothing is so important to someone. But, how is it that people are so oblivious to this? How is it that individuals like you and me forget that they are also blinded by the nature of nature itself. By the essence of everything, by the curiosity of life. Remarkable once again that you don't think and act in regards to this, but to nothing. The nothing we all live for. Until I wake up, here and there to realize I am not alone, I just see everything from my loneliness. But you are here and they are there too, we are all in this together no matter what. It irrelevant to question but it is certainly not to admire the questioning upon the mere fact that we are here and that is what counts.

Nov 4, 2010


Tengo un secreto
amortiguado por la estructura humana.
Rechazado por sociedades hormigueras.
Tengo un secreto.

La soberanía no acepta nuestro pleito
Y por otro lado soy yo
el que no acepta el rechazo.
Tengo un secreto.

Corrijo, renemos un secreto,
me importa un bledo.
Hoy, me importa un bledo.
Ven, te voy a hacer el amor.

Nov 1, 2010


In one minute, can you describe your thoughts? millions go through mty head and I can't type fast enough...

I want to write how I feel, what I'm going through, and how I believe things could change for the better. In one minute, I could write all that...

But like life itself, my minute is over.